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Love is in your Blood

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The Australian Red Cross Blood Service and LYNX have joined forces to help save 100,000 lives – the only thing missing is you. Together we’re on a mission, so help us spread the love and pledge today to donate blood. Just one donation can help save up to 3 lives.

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Australia needs 27,000 volunteer donors every week to produce the 14,000 litres of blood required to keep up with demand. Pledge now to donate blood over the next year and you’ll be helping the Australian Red Cross Blood Service with their critical life saving work.

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Your details will be collected by Unilever and passed onto the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, who will contact you to discuss your eligibility and the blood donation process.

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The Australian Red Cross Blood Service and LYNX thank you for your pledge to donate blood. You will soon be contacted by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to arrange a blood donation appointment.

Our current target is:

83,666 Pledges

Every drop counts, so share this with your friends to encourage them to pledge.

Wall of Honour

We salute those who have pledged to help save lives

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Josh D
Cavan B
Rishab W
Zachary R
Mitch R
Cameron L
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Search by postcode to find the nearest blood donation centre and arrange an appointment, so you can start spreading the love as soon as possible.


The LYNX Peace sleeve was created to acknowledge the selfless actions of blood donors across Australia. To get yours, click here to find your closest blood donation centre. We’ve also got a limited edition run of the ‘Love is in Your Blood’ poster - follow us on Facebook to find out how you can score one.

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Every drop counts, so spread the word and encourage your friends to pledge with our cover and profile images for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Snap a photo of your efforts to answer our call to arms with the hashtag #LoveIsInYourBlood to help spread the word and encourage others to donate.


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Every drop counts, so please show your support and share this to help us reach our goal to save 100,000 lives.


Adam Ashley-Cooper represents Australian Rugby on an international level, applauded by thousands around the country. In a bid to help save Australian lives, the Wallabies star has joined forces with LYNX and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. He’s proudly rolling up his sleeve to give blood for the first time, making him a true legend on and off the field.

“The demand for Australian blood is ever-increasing and young, fit guys can really make a difference. I’m proud to be an ambassador for the LYNX Peace campaign, which is committed to helping save lives by mobilising young guys to give blood and donate regularly.”

Adam Ashley-Cooper

Blood Facts

  • One donation of plasma can be used to create up to 18 life saving treatments
  • There are between 4 to 6 billion red blood cells in every millilitre of your blood
  • The average adult contains 5 litres of blood, which accounts for 7% of body weight
  • The human heart pumps approximately 7,200 litres of blood a day
  • The red colour of blood cells comes from the mixture of iron and oxygen
  • It would take almost a year for a human heart to fill an Olympic swimming pool
  • Every week Australia needs over 27,000 blood donations
  • It takes around 6-12 weeks for your body to fully replenish your red cells after a donation
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